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Civil Engineering

Eric Evans, PE*

Engineering Manager - Private Development

Rafael Gaeta, PE*

Sr. Project Engineer / Public Works Projects

Michael Hohbach, PE*

Sr. Project Engineer / Public Works Projects

Riad Alharithi, PE, PMP*

Construction Manager/Sr. Project Manager

Roy Hankins, PE*

Sr. Project Manager & Director of Operations (Eugene)

Tom Wilcox, PE

Sr. Project Manager/Business Operations

Daniel Ingram, PE, PLS*

Sr. Project Manager

Steve Hansen, PE

Project Manager

Ryan Walker*

Project Manager

Alfredo Perez-Lozano, PE

Sr. Project Engineer

Anthony Quinn, EI

Civil Designer

Joshua Ayers, PE

Project Engineer

Kyung Han

Sr. Civil Designer

Tyler Korb, EI

Sr. Civil Designer

Bernadette Donald*

Sr. Construction Inspector/Document Control

Jacob Snyder, EI

Civil Designer

Jennifer Lamb, EI

Sr. Civil Designer

David Burnett

Sr. Civil Designer

Ian Feltis, PE

Jr. Civil Engineer

Steve Schalk

Senior Construction Inspector

Leif Rhoades

Field Coordinator

Rick Fensler, EI

Civil Designer

Keelan Smith, PE

Staff Project Engineer

Neamh Gaddi-Nguyen, EI

Jr. Civil Designer

Victoria Korynta

Jr. Civil Designer

Brent Saechao, EI

Civil Designer

Josh Meyer, EI

Jr. Civil Designer

Nick Rhodes, PE

Jr. Project Engineer

Kamm Fowler

Civil Designer

Kyle McDermott

Jr. Designer

Stuart Smith

Jr. Civil Designer

Landon Hepfner

Sr. Civil Designer

Cameron Johnson

CADD Technician

Bart Anderson, PE

Sr. Project Engineer

Adam Soto


Dylan deGeneres

CECOP Intern

Land Surveying

F. Daniel Adsit, PLS, CWRE*

Sr. Professional Land Surveyor / Survey Department Manager

Eric Lynch, PLS, CWRE

Sr. Professional Land Surveyor / Survey Manager – Private Development

Jon T. Feigion, PLS

Sr. Professional Land Surveyor

Art Colunga

Survey Crew Chief/Sr. Survey Tech/Survey Lead

Nicole Allen, PLS

Professional Land Surveyor

Angie Jungling

Sr. Survey Technician

Jim Stotts, LSI

Survey Crew Chief

Rachel Espinoza

Survey Crew Chief / Survey Technician

Wyatt Hulstrom

Survey Technician

Huy Stonecypher

Sr. Survey Technician – Crew Chief

Andy Greene

Survey Crew Chief

Anna Teadtke

Jr. Survey Technician

Brice Amarasinghe

Jr. CADD Technician

Scott Sooter, EI

Survey Technician

Shane Davis

Survey Crew Chief

Dylan Wike

Survey Crew Chief

Skyler Vines

Survey Technician

Grant Hulstrom

Jr. Survey Field Technician

Land Use Planning

Steve Miller*

Land Use Planning Director

Jennifer Arnold

Sr. Land Use Planner

Structural Engineering

William Phaup, PE, SE, MLSE

Sr. Structural Engineer

Richard Lee, PE, SE

Sr. Structural Engineer

House Design

Sean Jackson

House Design Department Manager

Brandy Smay

Sr. Designer and Task Lead

Admin Support Services

Shawn Mitchell

Marketing and Business Development Manager

Nicole Hartenstein

Executive Assistant – Project Coordination

Michael Domingo

Project Accountant

Pam Boyd

Project Coordinator

Bonnie Magdelain

Executive Assistant - Project Coordination – Architectural Design

Janelle Furman

Executive Assistant

Kim Martin

Marketing Coordinator

Lynn Peterson

Accounting Specialist

Julie Winters

Executive Assistant – Special Projects

Blake Hulstrom

Billing & Accounts Receivable

Kathryn McIvor

HR Assistant

Elisabet Mendrinos

Assistant - Public Works

*Indicates Project Management Team