Construction Management

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Beginning during the design phase of a project, our Construction Management team provides review and support to our designers to ensure the success of the project through the construction phase. Working to keep projects on schedule and budget, our team provides a full range of Construction Management services, including specs writing, constructability reviews, schedules review, inspection, documents tracking and control, labor compliance tracking, and risk management. Our CM team goals are to manage the construction phase of the project per the awarded contract terms and specifications, to partner with our client and the contractor to address unknown field conditions, to minimize the contract change orders, and to resolve conflicts early before they become claims. 

  • ADA assets inspection
  • Claim management 
  • Contract administration 
  • Constructability reviews 
  • Construction surveying 
  • Field inspection and document tracking and control  
  • Labor compliance and civil rights documentation tracking 
  • Risk management and mitigation 
  • Specification writing  
  • Value engineering