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With deep rooted values of generosity and hospitality and a passion for engineering, Neil Fernando started Emerio Design in 2005 with a vision to do business in a different way. Originally focused on providing land developers a one-stop-shop for managing projects, Neil grew his small team and expanded Emerio’s services, adding land survey and construction management and building a public works team dedicated to serving federal, state, and local agencies. Our shared passion is in improving the standard of living and quality of life in the communities where we work and live by designing infrastructure that makes services available and accessible to everyone.

Following Neil’s example, gratitude, kindness, integrity, and excellence are woven into the fabric of our company culture. We invest in our community through group volunteering, homeless outreach, blood drives, and global humanitarian initiatives. In true Emerio fashion, we chose to celebrate our 15 year anniversary by completing 15 Acts of Kindness throughout 2020.

As we continue to grow, we consciously seek out team members who share our passion and commitment to service. If this describes you, please view our career opportunities.

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Land Surveying

Construction Management

Land Use Planning

Structural Engineering

House Design


MBE/DBE #5611 (OR)
MBE #M4M0023961 (WA)
DBE #D4M0024617 (WA)