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A Safer Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy: SE 30th-35th Ave

Emerio was the prime consultant for this PBOT roadway design project to provide pedestrian safety improvements on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway between SW 30th and 35th Avenues. An identified high crash corridor, this section of highway has a high pedestrian crash rate and high rate of speeding. Emerio is proud to have partnered with PBOT to provide civil engineering services at the following locations:

At SW 30th Ave – Emerio designed pedestrian crossings and 3 ADA curb ramps in coordination with PBOT’s roadway re-striping efforts. The north ramps were especially challenging to design due to steep terrain and limited sidewalk corridor caused by a nearby water channel.

At SW 35th Ave – The objective at this site was providing safe pedestrian access to bus shelters. Emerio’s team designed a pedestrian median refuge, RRFB crossing, and sidewalks on both sides of the crossing to access the shelters.

Design Notes from Project Manager Rafael Gaeta, PE:
Working with PBOT on this important safety project was particularly enjoyable because of the impact that it has on so many pedestrians and bicyclist who travel this corridor. The pedestrian safety improvements on this heavily traveled corridor designed by Emerio combined with PBOT’s bike safety improvements have contributed to the overall safety of the Hillsdale corridor.