Land Use Planning

Land UseEvery jurisdiction in Oregon has development regulations based on a state model that governs development both within and outside of the Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB). These regulations are technically complex and require an understanding of land use, architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, surveying, and project coordination. Also needed is familiarity with the requirements of both state and local wetlands, water quality regulations, natural resource protection and preservation, flood plain requirements, and other development-related regulations.
The ability to effectively perform land use planning and project development review requires knowledge of all of the aspects of the design and construction process, from Land Usepre-planning stages to final inspections. Emerio staff with combined backgrounds of architectural design, land use planning, and civil engineering provide clients the education and experience necessary to do the job effectively. Healthy working relationships with jurisdiction staff, and staff of related agencies, have been developed.

  • Excellent working knowledge of the financial requirements of land development and building construction including the majority of the complex steps required, from first concept sketch through to final finishes.
  • Understanding and empathy for all cultures and customs.
  • Conducted over 150 citizen involvement meetings for proposed new development. Clear understanding of the challenges associated with change – its impacts on the average citizen – and the methods one can use to help others see change in positive light.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the business of land development, its relationship to regional economic development and the many laws and policies that govern both disciplines.