Civil Engineering

We are proud to offer the following professional services:

Civil Engineering

  • Site Design for commercial, industrial, municipal and single to mixed use residential projects
  • Hydraulic anlaysis and storm drainage design
  • Water Quality with an emphasis in low impact development
  • Sanitary sewer analysis and design
  • Public and private water system design
  • Grading plans; rural, mass and fine
  • Erosion control and 1200c NPDES design
  • House Design
  • Survey Service
  • Public and Private road design
  • Auto-Turn Analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Structural Engineering

Key Design Capabilities

Structural Engineering
We offer a wide range of structural design for all types of construction. The firm’s experience includes steel concrete and wood construction systems, retrofit designs for renovations and seismic upgrades. Our analysis capabilities and design experience give us the necessary tools for designing a wide variety of structures. Emerio places a strong emphasis on providing our clients with practical designs that not only meet the project requirements but do so in an economical and construction-friendly manner.

Transportation Design
Public roadway design is an integral part our projects. Our designs have ranged from simple half street improvements to full seven lane arterial roadways. Management elements of our designs include lighting design, utility coordination, in addition to design exceptions and coordination of right-of-way and easement acquisition. Our firm is also experienced in ADA considerations and design features.

Civil EngineeringStorm and Sanitary Sewer Design
We provide planning, design, modeling, and construction assistance services for wide variety of proposed and existing sanitary and storm facilities and infrastructure. Our team has numerous examples of successful storm water quality and detention facility designs, some examples of our experience are:

Decommissioning of drywells to comply with state DEQ UIC regulations.

Familiarity with Inflow and Infiltration analyisis as well as smoke and dye testing.

Experience in the reconstruction of existing sewer, sewer separation and storm facilities in conjunction with new system design and installation.

Civil EngineeringWater Supply and Fire Flow
Our staff has the expertise to design water systems for public and private projects, from high pressure transmission lines to calculating simple meter sizing.

Grading and Erosion Control
Need a grading permit? We can help! From simple stockpiling to multi-phased grading with NPDES 1200c erosion control planning and design. We have the experience you need to design and coordinate these complex processes with local jurisdictions while meeting Federal NPDES guidelines